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 About Our Services 

     Our firm provides a complete and accurate certification of tax liens against properties in the six counties that make up the metro Atlanta area. Part of that certification includes paid dates and amounts of taxes or amounts that are due for the current year. We also provide delinquent taxes, if any, for the previous six years.

     As a courtesy to our clients, we provide any FiFa transfer information that is available to us within the time frame of our seven year certification.

     In addition to the county tax information, we also provide the city taxes for those cities that make their information available to us at the county municipality. Those cities are Decatur, in Dekalb County, Atlanta, in both Dekalb and Fulton Counties, and Chattahoochee Hills, Johns Creek, Mountain Park and Sandy Springs in Fulton County as well.. For all other city taxes a phone request must be made by our client. For a listing of city telephone numbers just click on our FAQ page.

     But it isn't just about tax figures. Each certificate that we issue provides many useful facts about the property. These include, but are not limited to, current county property values, parcel identification numbers, a description of the property including property line dimensions when available, water and sanitation bill information when available and ownership information.

     These are just some of the standard pieces of information that appear on each certificate that we issue, however additional information is always available upon request. For example, we are sometimes asked to provide contact information for property owners or maybe ownership history.

     The fact is that we have a sea of information at our disposal and a highly trained and qualified staff to provide it for our customers. If you have a special need, just feel free to ask. We are in business to service you, not the other way around.

     Which brings up an interesting question. Who are our customers?

     Our client list is composed mostly of title corporations and closing firms in the metro Atlanta area. Yet we are not limited to just those two areas.

     While we do service over two hundred fifty of these clients, we have been called upon by many others since 1981 to provide for them our services. These customers have varied from property developers to mortgage companies. From local lending institutions to national bank chains. We've even had other tax services from other states employ our services to help provide their clients with the service that they deserve, and we were happy to do it.

     We have a way of treating every customer as if they were our only one. At Sexton Tax Service we have always had an open door policy with our clients in the event of a problem with the service they are receiving. We urge everyone to contact us in these instances and we will do whatever it takes rectify the situation.

      Make no mistake, we work for you and are pleased to do so!

     Hopefully this provides some clarity to what our service provides, or can provide for you. If you are already a Sexton customer, then you are no doubt aware of our commitment to service, and we truly appreciate your business.

     If you have not yet employed our services but feel you might benefit from doing so, then we certainly look forward to meeting you. Feel free to call us or email us with any questions you might have and I or a member of our staff will be more than happy to respond.

                                                                                 Steven Sexton.

A commitment to excellence and accuracy!

Servicing Metro Atlanta/Georgia Real Estate Tax Needs

Sexton Real Estate Tax Service
1473 Bradford Ln, Monroe, Ga. 30656



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