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Why do I need to order taxes? A certified tax report from our firm minimizes the possibility of a tax related problem interfering with a closing.

Shouldn't my title order provide taxes? Sometimes a title examiner will provide taxes as well, but at our low fee, it just makes sense to take advantage of our expertise.

What counties do you service? We service the six counties that make up the Metro Atlanta area. These are Clayton, Cobb, Dekalb, Forsyth, Fulton and Gwinnett. We are the ONLY tax service that offers a full-time service in each of these counties!

How much does a tax report cost? Our fee is $9.00 per report... period! We never adjust our fee on tax reports based on time spent or level of difficulty. We feel that is a small price to pay for the peace of mind provided to all parties at the closing table.

How do I get my tax report updated? An update of any report previously searched can be ordered just like a new one. Also, don't forget to take advantage of our "no charge" policy. Any report that is updated within thirty days of it's original search is done so free of charge! 

Can I only order taxes for simple residential closings? Absolutely not! Our entire staff is highly trained to research tax records for commercial properties as well as residential. A large portion of our business is for commercial searches, but they all come at the same low cost!

Does your fee change with obscure requests? Sometimes it does. From time to time we receive requests for information that may venture out of the standard area of regular tax searches. In these cases a fee will always be agreed upon before the work has begun, so there will be no surprises when you receive your bill.  

How fast will my searches be completed? All of our customers have different needs for their turnaround. When ordering your taxes just indicate how fast you will need your information and we will make it happen.

How do I get tax information in counties that Sexton does not service? Counties that lie outside of the metro Atlanta area have different posting procedures of their tax digests. We recommend that you contact the county that you are interested in and inquire. A complete list of counties in the state of Georgia and their contact information can be found on the county map at      

Do you pay the taxes for us? No. The fastest and most error free method of tax payment is directly to the municipality. Before tendering payment, always receive a current payoff if the payoff thru date has expired. We update all reports free of charge within thirty days of the initial search.

Are there still taxes due if there has been a transfer to a third party? Yes! A third party transfer is considered to be a form of payment by the county. The transferee must be contacted for payoff information.

How do I contact a third party transferee? When requested we will provide you with as much contact information as is made available to us. There are common transferees who buy tax liens in bulk. Click on contact_#s' for information for some of these.

A commitment to excellence and accuracy!

Servicing Metro Atlanta/Georgia Real Estate Tax Needs

Sexton Real Estate Tax Service
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